Hard Drive Destruction Services for Texas

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Certified HARD DRIVE Destruction / Shredding at your location

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do on site shredding with our state of the art equipment.

Alliance Document Shredding Provides AAA certified computer hard drive destruction / shredding at your location while you watch. We offer two forms of destruction.

#1 Shredding hard drives. 
We send our state of the art hard drive shred truck to you location and shred your hard drives while you watch the process.

#2 On-site hard drive punching
Our patent pending hard drive destruction machine punches the hard drive motor and cone shapes the hard drive platters. This makes the hard drive useless and unreadable. It only takes 20 seconds to perform this task per drive. Our tech can remove hard drives from your old computers and then destroy the hard drives. Or an employee of your company can remove the hard drives and have ready for the destruction process.
Upon completion of the destruction process Alliance Document Shredding provides a Certificate of destruction for your records.

Alliance Document Shredding will recycle your destroyed hard drives or leave them with your company for proper disposal. As you can see in the photos the hard drive is destroyed and useless. This process is cheaper and faster than erasing. 

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  • Dallas /Ft Worth Metro   972-695-9557
  • Or toll free  877-SHRED06

Alliance Document Shredding provides on site hard drive shredding / destruction service for all of Dallas Texas Ft Worth and North & East Texas area. 

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